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Zoom Whiteboard | How to use Whiteboard in Zoom – IONOS.How to Use the Whiteboard in Zoom

› en-us › articles › Using-a-Zoom-Rooms. Sharing a whiteboard · Click Share Screen located in your meeting toolbar. · Click Whiteboard. · Click Share. · The annotation tools will appear.


Can i use a whiteboard on zoom. Tutorial: Zoom virtual whiteboard


Brainstorming together in a team leads to new trains of thought and enables you to put ideas into clearly understandable form. With the Zoom whiteboard, you and the other participants can work on your ideas together. The Zoom whiteboard is a virtual white space that you share with other participants in a meeting or team.

The advantage over a physical whiteboard is that you can save your drafts and results after a brainstorming session, copy them, and work on them later. The Zoom whiteboard can only be shared by the meeting host. Participants who join a Zoom meeting are therefore dependent on the host activating the whiteboard function and sharing the screen or alternatively transferring the sharing rights to other participants.

Just like screen sharing, whiteboard sharing is not complicated at all. Follow these steps to share and edit a Zoom whiteboard. The Zoom whiteboard works similarly to Paint in Windows due to its white drawing and design surface. The features include various tools and utilities that you and other participants can use to capture and visualize thoughts.

The Zoom whiteboard offers the following tools:. There are numerous Zoom alternatives such as Skype and Microsoft Teams that also make creative collaboration possible in a virtual conference room. As the meeting host, you can not only share the whiteboard with other participants in the meeting, but also allow multiple users to share the whiteboard at the same time. A menu will open where you can allow sharing for an individual or for several participants at the same time. Audio problems can be quickly fixed on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Follow our step-by-step guide to make yourself heard again in the popular video chat. A Zoom breakout room is a separate virtual room that runs at the same time as the main meeting. The meeting host can open up to 50 separate Zoom breakout rooms and automatically or independently distribute meeting participants among the different Zoom breakout rooms.

This is useful for networking or when hosting workshops in large Zoom conferences. Learn how to create Zoom breakout rooms here. When there are too many different opinions or not enough feedback in a Zoom meeting, a Zoom survey can often help. This article explains how to create a Zoom survey. Special WordPress blog themes let you create interesting and visually stunning online logs You can turn off comments for individual pages or posts or for your entire website.

Keep reading to find out how Our WordPress guide will guide you step-by-step through the website making process Share a Zoom whiteboard: Quick instructions Start a Zoom meeting.

You create the Zoom whiteboard using screen sharing. What is the Zoom whiteboard? How do you share a Zoom whiteboard with other participants? In the desktop app Step 1: Log in to the desktop app and create a Zoom meeting.

Step 3: The screen sharing settings menu will open. Here you can select windows, documents, or files for screen sharing.

Step 4: You can now edit the whiteboard as you wish. Tools for writing, drawing, and various stamps can also be found in the toolbar. New pages can be added with the plus symbol in the bottom right. You can turn pages using the arrows in the menu at the bottom of the page. You can write, paint, and draw shapes on the Zoom whiteboard. In the mobile app Step 1: Open the mobile app. Step 4: The whiteboard with the menu bar will now open.

If the menu bar disappears, briefly tap the screen to make it visible again. You have the choice to save the drawing in an album or to open another whiteboard. In the iPad app, you can draw on the digital whiteboard with your fingers. What features does the Zoom whiteboard offer?

The Zoom whiteboard offers the following tools: Text writing Drawing various lines Stamps e. Which sharing options does the Zoom whiteboard offer?

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How do I use the Whiteboard in my Zoom meeting?: Ask USQ Current Students


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Hide Private Photos on iPhone. Choose “Whiteboard” and everyone in your meeting will see your whiteboard screen share. Once you’re sharing your whiteboard, you can choose from several presentation options from the top menu bar. The menu choices are your annotation tools , which include the ability to use text, a draw tool that lets you draw something freehand or use shapes, a stamp tool, a spotlight tool for presenting to your viewers, and an eraser.

You will also see an option to save your whiteboard screen for later reference, but the only person who can save the whiteboard is the person sharing their screen.

What’s fun about the whiteboard option is the ability for everyone to share and add to it. This makes it easy to create a Pictionary-esque game , to collaborate on ideas and projects, or hangout with a virtual drawing board.

Annotation tools include inserting text, drawings, notes, select, stamp, spotlight, arrow, clear, and other valuable features. You can also change the color of the Whiteboard. Draw a circle, for example, and Zoom will recognize the shape and smooth out the lines. Whiteboard is one of the most popular sharing screen features in Zoom. It does what it says. It lets you share only a portion of your screen on Zoom. To stop sharing your whiteboard on Zoom temporarily or permanently, click Pause Share or Stop Share from the meeting panel that appears when you hover mouse to the top of the screen respectively.

Zoom is also available for Android smart devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once downloaded and installed, you can use your credentials to sign in to use the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Also, as it is with PCs, even the Android version of Zoom allows you to access and share whiteboard. You can follow the steps given below to get it done:. After installing Zoom on your Android, and signing in to your account, start a new meeting, tap anywhere on the screen, tap Share from the bottom, and tap Share Whiteboard. Tap the Edit icon from the bottom-left corner of the Zoom whiteboard , and pick your preferred tool from the expanded panel to annotate or draw your ideas as needed.

Note: You can tap the Close icon from the top-left corner of the screen to get back to the main window, and then tap Stop Share from the bottom to stop sharing whiteboard on Zoom meeting. Along with Android, Zoom is available for iOS devices as well. However, at the time of this writing, the Whiteboard feature can only be used on iPads.

You can learn how to use Zoom whiteboard on an iPad by following the instructions explained below:. On your iPad, use the regular method to start a new meeting and invite the participants to join the conference, tap Share Content from the meeting control panel at the top, and tap Whiteboard from the menu that appears. Tap the Edit Pencil icon from the bottom-left corner to expand Zoom annotation tools , tap your preferred icon to add annotations to the whiteboard, and tap Stop Share once you are done drawing.

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