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Select the Whiteboard and click on Share Screen. When you click on the Whiteboard, the annotation tools will become available.

Zoom Whiteboard Launches: Here’s How To Use It

Feb 03,  · Zoom Whiteboard is a video collaboration tool that can turn any virtual meeting into an interactive space. The virtual whiteboard lets teams mark up documents, annotate on drawings, and allows meeting attendees to demonstrate their points visually. Any team using Zoom can access the Whiteboard function from a Zoom call, Zoom Room, and Zoom . Aug 20,  · Step 2:Press “Share Content” in the menu bar. Step 3:In the following window, scroll down, and tap on “Whiteboard”. In the “Share Content” option, you will also find the Zoom whiteboard. Step 4:The whiteboard with the menu barwill now open. If the menu bar disappears, briefly tap the screen to make it visible again. Apr 19,  · Creating a whiteboard in a desktop client meeting. Start a meeting from the Zoom desktop client. Click the Whiteboard button on the in-meeting controls. Click New Whiteboard or click an existing whiteboard you would like to edit. Click the arrow next to All Participants can edit to choose what.


– How to use whiteboards in zoom

During meetings – To create a new whiteboard or access an existing one during a meeting, choose Share Screen from the Zoom Apps menu, or select. From the home screen, tap Whiteboard. · Tap a color and begin drawing. · Tap START MEETING in the bottom-right corner. · Tap the ellipses icon (). Select the Whiteboard and click on Share Screen.


– How to Use the Whiteboard in Zoom


Check out the differences between free and paid plans in Zoom here. If you have an earlier version, you can get the upgrade from your desktop client. Take note that the Zoom mobile app only allows you to view boards on iPhones and Android phones. You can edit boards on the Zoom mobile app using iPads and tablets. In Zoom Chat , team members can access and collaborate through shared persistent whiteboard links.

This is an upgrade from older versions where whiteboards only exist in meetings. Utilize the whiteboard functionalities in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Create using brushes, highlighters, lines, shapes, text, images, the eraser, and colors. For instance, you can change the color and thickness of an object, or the font properties of a text. This vast space makes collaborating with team members immersive.

Images have a simpler context menu than other objects. You can copy, paste, or duplicate an image. Breakout rooms for your Zoom desktop client is enabled on at least a version 5. They enable you to group participants into separate sessions isolated from the audio and video feed of the main session.

Allow participants to draw on Zoom by clicking share, filling in their contact name or email, granting them editor access, and hitting send. You can hide them or reveal them again if you press the Whiteboard option on the Zoom meeting controls. These options mean you can create new pages and switch between existing ones. So, as in many conference halls and classrooms, there are two Whiteboards side by side.

The Basic sharing feature includes the Whiteboard, but you can also share PowerPoint presentations or your desktop screen. You can use the annotation tools when you share a screen like Whiteboard with other Zoom room participants. Annotation tools include inserting text, drawings, notes, select, stamp, spotlight, arrow, clear, and other valuable features.

You can also change the color of the Whiteboard. Draw a circle, for example, and Zoom will recognize the shape and smooth out the lines. Whiteboard is one of the most popular sharing screen features in Zoom.

It does what it says. It lets you share only a portion of your screen on Zoom. In turn, you can precisely shape and stretch to choose how much of your screen you want other participants to see.

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