Logex Courier’ parcel pickup service is offered Monday through Saturday. Logex Courier arranges for your pickup based on your home or workplace address. Your pick-up is planned when you book a parcel on the web-portal, and you will be alerted by our shipper support representative through phone, whatsapp, or email when it is ready. If you do not get and receive no confirmation from us, you may phone and confirm at 02134541808.
There are no additional pickup charges. We offer the pickup service free of cost.
Pickup can be ordered any time before 4pm.
You can track your shipment as follows: Web Tracking : https://portal.logexcourier.com/tracking.php
To find out more details about the shipper please email us at info@logexcourier.pk and mention your name, city, address and tracking number. Please remember that Logex Courier is not responsible for the quality of delivered material as we are only responsible for delivery of the products. We do not own or sell any items unless otherwise mentioned. Further, Logex Courier is not liable for the time duration it may take the shipper to contact the shipment recipient, so complaints related to delays in returns or exchanges will not be entertained by Logex Courier once the shippers informationhas been provided.
You can either visit our express center or call us at our helpline 02134541808 When doing so, you should be sure to have the address where the shipment will be booked / picked up from, and the city, country and postal code of where it will be delivered.
We will make up to 3 attempts to deliver a shipment. Our courier rider will leave a message and will take a picture of the delivery address which will automatically reflect when you track your parcel indicating adelivery was attempted, and information as to where you should call for further information (such as the address of the location from where you can pick it up). If a shipment is not delivered due to change in address, business closure, etc., the shipment will be returned to the sender/ consignor.
Don’t worry if you are not available. We can hand over your parcel to your family members, colleagues or a neighbor and collect proof of delivery or we can come back again to deliver your parcel.
The address can only be changed at the request of the shipper. Please notify us on info@logexcourier.pk or whatsapp us with your tracking number and your shipper account details at 02134541808 ,within 24 hours of booking your parcel. Please note: Any change in the delivery address may delay the standard delivery duration.
Your detailed tracking response will list the following information:
  • Tracking number
  • Delivery status
  • Delivery date, time and received by
  • Location where the Shipment was delivered
  • Date on which the shipment was shipped or billed
  • Type of service used to ship the Shipment
  • Shipment’s weight & pieces
The package status “Returned to Shipper” means that package was returned back to the shipper who booked the shipment. It could happen due to various reasons, e.g. refused to accept by consignee, address not traceable or etc.
Yes! Our customer service representatives are standing by to help. Whatsapp us at 02134541808 , Email:info@logexcourier.pk
Currency, jewellery, Bullion, antiques, liquor, stamps, precious metals & stones, works of art, fire arms, plants, drugs, explosives, animals, industrial carbons and diamonds, hazardous and combustible materials, and all other materials restricted by the International Air Transport Association, ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization, and any item whose distribution is regulated by law are among the items that cannot be couriered through us.
Each time a tracking label is scanned, information about the shipment’s journey is recorded. The following information is commonly seen in scans:
  • Shipment Number
  • Destination
  • Shipment Weight & Pieces
  • Date of Booking
The address may only be altered if the shipper requests it. Within 24 hours after reserving your shipment, please tell us at info@logexcourier.pk.
  • Shipment Number
  • Destination
  • Shipment Weight & Pieces
  • Date of Booking